Coil insertion

Both Doctors are proficient in insertion of Mirena, Jaydess or Copper Coil.

Coils are effective forms of long acting contraception and the Mirena coil is also used to treat problematic heavy periods.

In order to organise a coil insertion you would have an initial consultation with us where we discuss the reasons for coil insertion and we would take a medical history to insure the device is safe and appropriate . We would discuss the insertion and the risks and side effects of having a coil inserted, we would organise a time to have the procedure done.  The day of the procedure we would give you some medicine  to insert into the vagina to help dilate the cervix and we would see you later that day. The procedure just takes 15 minutes. We would follow up at 6 weeks to make sure things are going ok.

The Total cost for a private patient of Coil insertion is 250 Euro, with an added cost of 140 Euro to buy the device from the pharmacy

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Supplementary charge to medical card patients not from our practice

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